Alpha | fabien prioville dance company

Alpha |fabien prioville dance company 2020, GermanyChoreography: Fabien Prioville Premiere: 27th August 2021, NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, GermanyInstallation available through 9th January 2022 “A multi-perspective research about digital muconceived sends visitors on a gaming parcour. The performance installation is an experimental arrangement that deliberately leaves room for… Read More »Alpha | fabien prioville dance company

The Zoomologists | fabien prioville dance company

The Zoomologists |fabien prioville dance company 2020, OnlineChoreography: Fabien Prioville (in collaboration with dancers) Premiere: 26th September 2020, OnlinePresented in Tanzhaus NRW Festival TEMPS D’IMAGES January 2021 “A multi-perspective research about digital multiplication to the point of the dissolution of the performative body. Five dancers… Read More »The Zoomologists | fabien prioville dance company

Dampfzentrale Residency | Sophie Vergères

Dampfzentrale Residency |Sophie Vergères 2020, SwitzerlandChoreography: Sophie Vergères Residency: 30th June-10th July 2020Showing: 10th July 2020, Dampfzentrale Bern, Switzerland “Inspiration from text by Lukas Benjamin Engel“ https://www.sophie-vergeres.com

BLAST | A Short Film | Impermanence Dance

BLAST |Impermanence Dance 2019, EnglandChoreography: Joshua Ben-Tovim (in collaboration with dancers)Composition: Hollie Harding and Ben Oliver Premiere: 27th May 2020, BBC4 Online “‘BLAST takes cues from the growth of radical ideologies and modern art in London, 1914” http://impermanence.co.ukhttp://www.hollieharding.comhttps://www.benolivermusic.com

Endling | Rob Heaslip Dance

Endling |Rob Heaslip Dance 2019, ScotlandChoreography: Rob Heaslip Premiere: 4th October 2019, Tramway Glasgow Tour through Scotland and Dublin Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 ​”ENDLING reimagines mourning rituals through dance, vocals, music and design. Popular and folk culture collide in a world where death is… Read More »Endling | Rob Heaslip Dance

Tension | Art Of Spectra

Tension |Art of Spectra 2020, SwedenChoreography: Peter Svenzon Premiere: 6th February 2020, Falkhallen Theater FalkenbergTour in Sweden, England and Poland in Spring 2020 “Public spaces take shape through the habitual actions of bodies, such that the contours of space could be described as habitual“ https://artofspectra.com

Leila, the Land of Imagination | Riyadh Closing Ceremony | Balich Worldwide Shows

Leila, the Land of Imagination |Balich Worldwide Shows 2019, Saudi ArabiaChoreography: Anne Tourné Premiere: 22nd December 2019, King Fahd International Stadium, Riyadh “‘Leila, the Land of Imagination’ was the Riyadh Season Grand Finale show created by Balich Worldwide Shows. The show was created to celebrate the future… Read More »Leila, the Land of Imagination | Riyadh Closing Ceremony | Balich Worldwide Shows