Untitled #28′ Video Recording from HJS Dancers Online Livestream Event

Created in collaboration with Reina Trifunovic, ‘Untitled #28’ explores a space where basic human understanding and connection has become lost over time. We follow the artists on their journey as they rediscover their natural instincts and desire to identify with each other.

‘Untitled #28’ time code start at 01:11:00

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© Michiel Goudswaard (Left) © Sunny Jagesar (Right)

The Freelancer Talk Podcast “Knowing Your Worth w/ Evan Schwarz”

“Knowing your worth is essential if you are a freelancer. For today’s podcast, I brought in a guest that has taught me a lot when it comes to knowing what I’m worth, and simply fighting for that as well. He is a freelance dancer and teacher and has fought for better and fair pay throughout his career in different companies.”

The Freelancer Talk Podcast, led by Wouter Vertogen, is for all freelance Artists, Creators, and young Entrepreneurs on Social Media, Online Marketing, and Business related topics. Building a community of international freelancers to educate and enrich each other!

Podcast episode available here

DanceRants Podcast “Freelancing During a Pandemic, Life after Juilliard & More, with Evan Schwarz”

“Our friend Evan Schwarz joins us to talk about how his work has changed during the pandemic, networking skills, and reflects on is education at The Juilliard School.”

DanceRants Podcast led by professional dancers in the Netherlands, Dylan Holly and Hayden Idrus, enjoy conversations with each other, and guests; with the aim of gaining more insight into dance’s place in the world.

Podcast episode available here