absence | Evan Schwarz

absence | Evan Schwarz 2022, OnlineChoreography/Performance/Music Composition/Filming/Editing: Evan Schwarz Premiere: 28th December 2022, Online “Through a compilation of edited videos created in 2020 during a peak within the pandemic, Evan Schwarz strips down barriers to reveal the simplicity of identity in it’s many forms. Within… Read More »absence | Evan Schwarz

fpdc christmas | fabien prioville dance company

fpdc christmas |fabien prioville dance company 2022, GermanyConcept & Choreography: Fabien Prioville Director of Photography: Mischa Lorenz Assistant Choreography: Azusa Seyama PriovilleDancers: Anna Sühelya Harms, Evan Schwarz, Francesca Ciaffoni, Léonor Clary, Tijana PrendovićOriginal Material: DancersLight: Thilo ErwardMakeup: Ksenija KnausOutfits: Vertere BerlinMusic: DUAT RecordsManagement: Alexandra SchmidtProduction:… Read More »fpdc christmas | fabien prioville dance company

dekarnation | V-Create

dekarnation | V-Create 2022, SwitzerlandChoreography: Sophie Vergères, Marioenrico D’Angelo, Max LevyComposition: Philipp Rumsch Premiere: 6th October 2022 Sion, Switzerland “Embark on a journey under the direction of Sophie Vergères (CH), with guest choreographers Marioenrico D’Angelo (IT) and Max Levy (USA/JP), through the writings of Bernese… Read More »dekarnation | V-Create

RUM 444 | A Short Film | Art of Spectra

RUM 444 | A Short Film| Art of Spectra 2021, SwedenChoreography/Direction/Composition: Peter SvenzonCinematography: Joakim Envik KarlssonTexts: Falk Richter & Lars NorénDancers: Ulriqa Fernqvist, Harlan Rust, Evan Schwarz, Melissa Ugolini Premiere: 30th September 2022, Minor Theatre Film Festival, Japan https://artofspectra.com

Transition | Art of Spectra

Transition |Art of Spectra 2021, SwedenChoreography: Peter Svenzon Premiere: 3rd December 2021, Konserthuset Göteborgs, Sweden “Art of Spectra is very happy to have been invited to create as part of the The Stone Foundation’s 25th anniversary and scholarship distribution 2021 at the Concert house in Gothenburg.… Read More »Transition | Art of Spectra

Cell #2 | Art of Spectra

Cell #2 |Art of Spectra 2021, SwedenChoreography: Peter Svenzon Premiere: 2021, Sweden “A production created for small places… created for three dancers“ https://artofspectra.com

KERN | Isabelle Nelson

KERN |Isabelle Nelson 2021, The NetherlandsChoreography: Isabelle Nelson Premiere: 17th July 2021, Het Mandelahuisje Amsterdam, The NetherlandsFurther Shows: 21st August 2021, Orangerie Zone2Source Amsterdam, The Netherlands “KERN (core, heart, nucleus) is about the core of a community and what binds us or tears us apart.… Read More »KERN | Isabelle Nelson